E-mailed comments from public concerning station operation

This morning I was listening to your station on my way to work and you claimed that the reason for football players high salaries is that every time they step out on the field they have a very dangerous job! I'm sorry but I think of them as an entertainer. Granted yes injury does come with the job. My son is serving with the army's SIG Co and is currently in Afghanistan. His life is in danger 24/7 365 and he doesn't even make a 16th of the salary a football player makes. So please next time lets think before you make a comment or an excuse why football players are overpaid.
Thank you. Rhonda Weber

Received 8/26/2013

A complete set of letters from the public regarding operation of the station is available for public inspection at our main studio located at 604 Ludington St. Escanaba MI. 49829